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In the scope of the UX Playbook I provided a series of activities to improve the UX of of some of the app area.


The simplification of the navigation reduces the number of first level screens to three.

The Home/Discover tab will be the go-to place for the users who do not know what they want or are looking for inspiration. Here we can offer curated sections and categories based on preferences.

The Search tab remains as is, except for a section that provides access to the brand list in alphabetical order.

The Account will immediately show the Unidays ID, with the ability to dig deeper into my brands, preferences, settings, and legal.

Home / Search / Account

User Needs, and Navigation

Brand Profile

The new brand profile shares the same concepts used in the discovery section: adding sections to separate the content.

The profile anatomy consists of three areas: Brand Details, Brand Offering, and Media Content.

The media content card will now be more similar to the deal card, with a CTA that clearly distinguishes between media content and deals.

Redeem Code Modal

The structure of modal:

  • Brand Details
  • Offer Details
  • Call to Actions
  • Terms & Conditions

The user focus in on the Offer Details and Call to Actions.

In the offer details, a new subsection displays, in a short bullet list, the benefits and limitations, with a CTA that will scroll the page to the Terms and Conditions. 

Redeem Modal Before & After

The proposed modal brings the benefits and limitations of the offer upfront.

The section “Rate this offer” has been removed, because it does not make sense to rate an offer before testing it.

Other Features

Onboarding Redesign
Revolutionizing the Unidays onboarding experience to unlock personalized brand and category discovery tailored to each user.

Unidays is redefining the way users first interact with our platform, focusing on capturing preferences to craft a uniquely personalized experience. Our enhanced onboarding process introduces users to a world of brands and deals aligned with their tastes from the get-go, setting the stage for a more engaging and relevant shopping journey.

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Seamless Start: Navigating UNiDAYS with Ease

We revolutionized the discovery process within UNiDAYS, crafting a feature that intuitively connects users with personalized brand recommendations. Our work ensures every student finds exactly what they're looking for, from exclusive deals to tailored content, effortlessly.

Read the details.

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