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My Role
Product Designer UX Designer
1 Sprint

Designing a new onboarding and discovery experience with editorial content to transition from a transactional experience to a community.

This time was just me.

Project Features

Onboarding Redesign
Revolutionizing the Unidays onboarding experience to unlock personalized brand and category discovery tailored to each user.

Unidays is redefining the way users first interact with our platform, focusing on capturing preferences to craft a uniquely personalized experience. Our enhanced onboarding process introduces users to a world of brands and deals aligned with their tastes from the get-go, setting the stage for a more engaging and relevant shopping journey.

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Seamless Start: Navigating UNiDAYS with Ease

We revolutionized the discovery process within UNiDAYS, crafting a feature that intuitively connects users with personalized brand recommendations. Our work ensures every student finds exactly what they're looking for, from exclusive deals to tailored content, effortlessly.

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Navigation, Brand Profile, Redeem Code
UX Playbook - Other Improvements

Dive into the enhancements recommended for the app's information architecture and navigation flow, including a revamped Brand Profile for better clarity on offerings and an improved Redeem Code view that ensures all crucial deal details are front and center.

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