Revolutionizing the Unidays onboarding experience to unlock personalized brand and category discovery tailored to each user.

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Unidays' mission to provide a bespoke user experience begins with our onboarding process. This crucial first step has been redesigned to not only capture user preferences more effectively but also to introduce a level of customization that sets the tone for their entire journey on the platform. The transformation of the Unidays onboarding experience represents our commitment to providing a more personalized, engaging, and intuitive platform. By focusing on user preferences from the outset, we aim to create a shopping journey that not only meets but anticipates the needs and desires of our community, laying the foundation for a lasting relationship with each user.

The Evolution of User Onboarding

Before and After: A Comparative Look

Currently, the onboarding flow consists of two steps: Initially, the user pick their preferred categories, followed by their favorite brands in the second screen.

The original two steps onboarding.

User Onboarding

Our onboarding process has undergone two significant transformations:

  1. Intermediate Step: We initially introduced squared cards for category and brand selection, enhancing the visual appeal and user interaction compared to the previous version. This design maintained the platform's familiar layout while offering a more organized selection process.
  2. List Presentation: The latest iteration presents categories (and brands teasing) in a single-column list, streamlining the onboarding experience. This layout guides users through a seamless journey of discovery, allowing for quicker scanning and decision-making without the distraction of navigating multiple columns.

Proposed 2 Step Process

Screen Iterations

In an iterative process, I proposed two versions for onboarding.

The first one could be considered an intermediate step, with squared cards, similar to the current ones on the platform. However, scanning structured lists is easier than having the eye jump between two columns.

This is where the second options comes in. This allows for the structure of the information in a single column. The user’s eye does not have to jump from one column to the next, which provides a faster way to scan the screen and act.

Current, Version 1 and Version 2.

Envisioning the Future of Onboarding

The redesigned onboarding is just the beginning. We envision a process that not only introduces users to the platform but also becomes an ongoing journey of personalization and discovery.

  • Extended Preferences Collection: Future onboarding screens will delve deeper into user interests, enabling brands to tailor their offerings more closely to individual needs.
  • Dynamic User Profiles: By continuously enriching user profiles through both passive data collection and active engagement (such as quiz responses), we ensure the Unidays experience grows with the user, becoming more personalized and relevant over time.

Other Features

Seamless Start: Navigating UNiDAYS with Ease

We revolutionized the discovery process within UNiDAYS, crafting a feature that intuitively connects users with personalized brand recommendations. Our work ensures every student finds exactly what they're looking for, from exclusive deals to tailored content, effortlessly.

Read the details.
Navigation, Brand Profile, Redeem Code
UX Playbook - Other Improvements

Dive into the enhancements recommended for the app's information architecture and navigation flow, including a revamped Brand Profile for better clarity on offerings and an improved Redeem Code view that ensures all crucial deal details are front and center.

Read the UX Playbook

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