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Aleks Tropp
Raffaele Fulgente

When it comes to personal health, who sees what and when matters. That’s why, in our latest collaboration, we focused on giving users the reins when sharing their lab results. Think of it as sharing with a safety net: you can decide how long your doctor sees your results, ensuring privacy and control remain in your hands. This feature isn’t just about sharing; it’s about sharing on your terms, adding a layer of security and peace of mind to the process. It’s our way of making sure that your health data helps you and your healthcare provider make the best decisions together, without losing sight of who it belongs to.

Other Features

Improving patient experience
Signup & Phone Verification

A streamlined, secure process for users to create their accounts and verify their phone numbers, ensuring instant access to lab results with maximum data protection.

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Effortless Clarity
Simplified Navigation & Transparent Results

We teamed up with our client to make lab results easy to access, understand, and share. No fuss, just clear health info at your fingertips.

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