Simplified Navigation & Transparent Results

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Q3 2023
AH-PL-Lab Results
Raffaele Fulgente
Aleks Tropp

Teaming up for this project, we tackled a common frustration head-on: making sense of lab results shouldn't be a puzzle. Our goal was straightforward: streamline how users access, understand, and communicate their health data. We focused on simplifying the user experience, ensuring that anyone could navigate their results effortlessly and grasp what they meant in plain language. The result? A platform where lab results are not only easy to find but also easy to share with doctors, making health management a bit less daunting for everyone involved. It's about bringing clarity and convenience to personal health, and we're pretty proud of how it turned out.

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Other Features

Improving patient experience
Signup & Phone Verification

A streamlined, secure process for users to create their accounts and verify their phone numbers, ensuring instant access to lab results with maximum data protection.

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Share with Confidence
Empowered Health Data Sharing

We’ve made sharing lab results with doctors straightforward, secure, and within your control, every step of the way.

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