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Fulpruf's vehicle entry overhaul introduces a dual-mode system that accommodates both single vehicles and batches, equipped with custom UI features tailored to each. Starting with a straightforward VIN scan, the system guides users through detailed condition assessments and damage reports, ensuring thorough documentation and verification. This enhanced process supports a more efficient workflow, improving both the speed and quality of vehicle management.

Opening the New Record Tab: When a user opens the New Record tab in Fulpruf, they are immediately asked whether they want to add a single vehicle or a batch of vehicles. This simple decision streamlines the subsequent steps tailored to their choice.

Choosing Batch or Single Entries: If the user selects 'Batch of Vehicles,' they can further specify whether it’s a new batch or if the vehicles need to be added to an existing batch. This flexibility accommodates various user needs and operational scenarios.

Unified Process for Entry: Once the batch decision is made, the process aligns for both single and batch entries, with slight UI adaptations to cater to each mode. This ensures a consistent yet customized user experience, regardless of the choice. The first active step involves scanning the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), a critical identifier for any vehicle. This step is crucial as it ensures that all subsequent data is linked to the correct vehicle.

Vehicle Conditions Onboarding: Moving to the Vehicle Conditions section, users are greeted with an onboarding tutorial that explains the steps for effective reporting. This guide is designed to help users understand how to accurately report conditions, enhancing data reliability.

360-Degree Vehicle Inspection: Using augmented reality (AR), users are guided with visual dots around the vehicle for precise photo capture at each angle. If damage is detected, users mark it directly on the AR image, add details, and photograph it for accurate documentation and future reference.

Damage Reporting: If any damage is detected, the user marks this on an image within the app, adds specific details, and captures a high-resolution photo of the damage. This documented evidence is vital for accurate assessment and future referencing.

Completing the Inspection: Completing the Damage Report allows the user to finalize the inspection. Depending on their workflow, they can then save and close the process or proceed to the next vehicle, ensuring a flexible and efficient inspection process.

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